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Manage your
eDiscovery review
faster than ever before.

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Plow through
mountains of data

During import, Concordance automatically performs optical character recognition (OCR). Your law firm can turn images into text for easier review.

Just drag and drop to organize your case files

Attorneys can easily drag and drop to organize folder structures based on your tags. Arrange files by exhibit number, witness list or case review category.

Review documents up to 10 times faster

Render in seconds with the new import engine, giving attorneys faster access to a near-native review of your law firm’s documents and images.

A search engine - with a turbocharger

Get access to one of the most powerful and intuitive search engines in litigation, so your law firm can pinpoint evidence with confidence.

Reduce the complexity of eDiscovery review.

Used by more than 70,000 attorneys and litigation support professionals, Concordance provides an effective, cost-efficient way to manage and review the high volumes of documents generated during litigation—scanned paper, email, PDFs, etc.

  • Speed legal staff review time by getting started while importing data.
  • Streamline collaboration by sharing case data with co-counsel and others.
  • Review foreign language documents.
  • Search, review, organize, produce and share documents.
  • Manage email and electronic documents.
  • Maximize scanned text generated via optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Law firm staff can access information from anywhere.
  • Share data with other industry-leading applications.
  • Give administrators better insight and control over databases and IT tasks.

Concordance Insights

ConcordanceData Sheet

Reduce the complexity of discovery management

Litigation PortfolioManagement Simplified

Dynamic paralegal duo rely on Concordance to manage their firm’s entire litigation portfolio


Gain greater insight into the context of documents and avoid costly processing fees

Real-Time Collaboration and Case Organization

Concordance organizes case information so your law firm can review documents faster,
find them faster and more easily collaborate with others.

Easily and efficiently uncover accurate, defensible documents and data for your case.

Review documents up to 10 times faster by organizing case information according to the parameters you set.

Quickly update clients on the status of their cases and more easily provide information about risk management/mitigation.

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