CloudNine offers a variety of live and web-based courses. These courses are designed for both eDiscovery newcomers and experts.


Learn how LAW™ fits into the overall discovery process and how to handle basic electronic discovery.

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LAW™ 101

This half day course will teach you the basics of LAW™. If you have any role in the electronic discovery process or system administration, it’s imperative to understand how your daily tasks will be enhanced by the software you use.

LAW™ 201

This two-day course will teach you to filter, handle quality control procedures, change ED loader settings, and manage tiff conversion settings.

LAW™ 301

This two-day course will teach you administrative duties including installing LAW™, maintaining cases and license administration.


Cut huge document sets down to size prior to costly review, allowing your team to get started sooner with fewer files to review.”

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Explore™ 201

This course will introduce litigation support staff to Explore™ functionality. It does not include Explore™ Web or the Attorney workflow.


Concordance® provides an effective, cost-efficient way to manage and review the high volume of documents generated during litigation.
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Concordance® v10 101 Reviewer Fundamentals:

This half-day online course will get you up and running with Concordance® quickly.

Concordance® v10 201 Administrative Fundamentals

This two-day course teaches you the basics of setting up and administering Concordance®.

Concordance® v10 301-303 CCSA

This three-day course prepares you for the Concordance® Certified Systems Administrator certification test. Topics cover everything from installation and administration to load file creation and document exports.