Early Data Analyzer

Help lawyers get key trial insights first.

Gain insight

Eliminate up to 80% of non-relevant data, so you can quickly identify if a case is worth pursuing – online, and in real-time.

Take eDiscovery Processing In-House

Increase the amount of data processing that can be done internally, reducing the extra cost of involving an outside vendor.

Determine case strategy earlier

Get visibility earlier than ever into the size and scope of discovery data to determine the costs and risks associated with a case.

Increase what’s defensible

Make your electronic discovery more defensible by maintaining a log of every action taken by each authorized user.

Anytime, anywhere mobile access

Everyone on your team has on-the-go access to data, allowing you to prefilter data at the source from any location.

With eDiscovery Early Data Analyzer, you can:

  • Determine the size of the data set before moving to review or production.
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming production of irrelevant documents.
  • Make your eDiscovery more defensible by maintaining a log of every action of each authorized user.
  • Reduce the risk of producing privileged data.
  • Evaluate risk and potential cost at the earliest possible point.

Early Data Analyzer Insights

CloudNine Early DataAnalyzer + LAW PreDiscovery

Gain earlier insight … and set the stage for more efficient, effective discovery.

Night Owl Discovery

In a case with 90 million records, we’ve reduced our document review corpus by 85%.” Dean Anderson, Discovery Services Director

CloudNine Early Data Analyzer

Reduce your eDiscovery files, assess risk and explore the merits of each case—at the earliest possible point.

Early Data Analyzer analyzes your data without touching it.

Your collected data gets analyzed in place – on your network or removable storage. And did we mention it’s fast?.
Because your data is filtered, indexed, searched, culled and pre-processed in its source location, you also benefit from a speed of 5 – 10 GB per hour—six times faster than native and full-text extraction and production.

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